The daring road conditions practically begged Ashniin to test the limits of her S-type cruiser, but rationality disenchanted the fantasy. She huffed, and the violation of silence drew her attention inward to the confines of the cruiser. Her eyes traced the sleek interior design until they met the deathly stoics of her partner and his wistful stare into the gloom.

     Mathew was a stertorous breather, and the only one that Ashniin knew. Lately, she realized that the mouthy sounds of his melodic breathing instilled in her a familial sense of fatherly security. Ashniin was unafraid of the emotion, however, Mathew’s quiet seemed an intentional effort to conceal the disorder.

     Ashniin leaned closer to ensure the big guy hadn’t suffocated himself under the weight of his own neck muscles while cramped inside her modified sports coupe.

     Mathew was smearing the glass with the side of his head, eyes fixed on the distended morning clouds as if en route to his own execution. He shuffled in his seat, confirming his coherence to the other occupant, however, Ashniin took offense to his silent reflections.

     Mathew was much older and was usually inclined to allow the deep creases around his mouth to dictate his mood in public settings. Here, though, in the seclusions of the Suliura, his sulky expression invited too much curiosity.

     “What kind of sources could Regional be running in our own back yard without us knowing about it?” Ashniin blurted the statement into the dead space as if Mathew’s reply was inconsequential.

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