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Sundermon Book 1: Aegis Breaking

Author: Deacon Adams
Genre: Science Fiction/ Thriller/ Cyberpunk

The Sundermon Saga is a about destroying inequitable social constructs, and the very real struggle against abuses of power. The Prologue series begins a couple decades after the Continental Conflicts has ended, and the world unified under corpocratic rule. The Transparency Act is established, and each qualified individual implanted with a civil chip. Under the new global regime, members of civil chip society live carefree lives, while a disenfranchised few, struggle to survive on a daily basis. Old Internment camps, intentionally segregated from the civil chip system, are converted into ‘Mobile Server Clusters’. These massive walled communities remain home to millions of refugees left neglect in the contemporary era,

The OBA are the only department equipped to handle the criminal threat in the MSCs No-Cit districts.

Beneath the dark and mysterious undertones of the story, are different social groups who each respond uniquely to systemic challenges as they present themselves. Each character tries desperately to balance relationships, allegiance, loyalty, and anxiety.

The prologue series is cast in a futuristic and flawed cyberpunk utopia, and focuses on issues associated with a legacy of unchecked psychological trauma. It does not shy away from the social issues that we encounter in our everyday society, but rather addresses them head on, in this speculative fiction.

About the Author

Deacon Adams

Black Eye

Deacon Adams was born in Montreal, QC, Canada, where he spent most of his youth forcibly removed from his family and placed in Residential Services for children and youth. There, he empathized with the plights of courageous characters in fiction literature, and later joined the Canadian Armed Forces to build on his own extraordinary story.

During his service to country, he was exposed to diverse people and lifestyles, where he was severely affected by structural and other forms of discrimination. Exposure to the world through the lens of an Intelligence Operator forced him to re-evaluate his perception of the military institution and reassess his social contributions. Currently, Deacon Adams works as an analyst investigating and commenting on contemporary trends and their sources. He is also a motivational speaker and life coach and was instrumental in the development of racial awareness campaigns in the military. Deacon Adams remains dedicated to social development and is an insightful man with raw sincerity.

Recognized as a trustworthy source of information, Deacon Adams hopes to raise awareness to the prevalence of complex psychological traumas associated to structural/systemic discrimination in North America.


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